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Self driven spaceship

I appreciate my affinity for the magical
The pull of a deeper knowledge and fabric connecting
The otherwise uNrelated human components
And separations of struggle

I fully understand seeking an outside-science possibility of power
And saviors
And senses

When the mundane is not
And reality
With attention applied
A bit bitter
We reach for the sugar
Or the hot sauce
Or both

The end result for this
Is annihilation of the self
The ending of the illusory Me
Which has separate engrained in its existence

Which I spent so many years bolstering
And defending
And becoming
To prove …something

And now that my roller coaster arrives in the up position
We now go back down
As is
Will be
The state of gravity.
A real, observable reality
I had
To interact
With all the Yous
Out there

But truth is
It isn’t out
But in
Because in creating Me I create You
I am engineer of the illusion
With mind not flowing
But brick like building
I create the structure that I
Jump from
Or smack in to
Or avoid…

If I were magic
I would river
The rest of it

But being
Is fun

Having a Me is fulfilling in a space that seems unwelcome of empty
So Me is here to Take Up Space
So I don’t have to feel space

Or You can fill it for me
If Me is tired from being so certain of myself

If I drive my galactic chariot toward the truth of the universe
I find only space

And peace

And magic

2:28 pm - August 14, 2021


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