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blackberry bushes

An inconvenient ideology.
An idea that one can’t have connection in the fabric most close to ones own skin
We are turned away from fleece and against briars
Prickly little nuisance
An uncomfortable and inconvenient misfortune of the porcupine lovers.

Everywhere is a little landmine
Everywhere is a little trigger pin a little push and pull and a little over the line because the lines
Are so
Close together and so close to us that to even get near one another To change the fabric we have to
Over the field and feel blown up by our own devices
Cause we don’t have the map
Where are they planted?

I think they’re over here so I’ll go this w______(boom)!

Moments of silence better than listening to tiptoe

Aloneness then better than togetherness

No blanket means no fleece but also no briars

No bombs if

No one is making any crossings.

Like reaching your hand in for blackberries through thorns when there’s no guarantee they are sweet
The price can be blood for bitterness.

4:35 pm - July 18, 2021


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