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Self focused forward

So what does it look like to put yourself first
Or to consider yourself before others
Or treat yourself how you wish you were treated by your other

I would like to find out

I would like to feed my own mouth
After putting my own oxygen mask on
And donning my own parachute
And going to the place I’d like to go to feel satisfied.

I would very much like that. And so my experiement begins.

First things always first, new boundaries. New places I don’t let myself go, new communication protocol, clean, concise and not more than I can provide without feeling sapped.
Oh, and more fun... just daily, basic fun.
I still get to help people
I still get to chat and read and work
But I’m not going outside of that “this is my life first” focus.

Gotta stay on top of it, and respect it as I would love to be respected ....and maybe I’ll fall in love with myself again.

8:22 pm - July 14, 2021


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