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and that, my friends, is nasty.

i just realized that everything would be perfect if we all fucking lied to each other constantly. we could pretend and dream as much as we wanted and just avoid the truth at all costs. relationships would work out, parents would always be happy, the government would be useless and it really would be a world made completely in our own mind. my name is not lisa. i don't live in a small college town full of commercialists. i am strong and independant. i am not afraid to love. i want everyone to be happy all of the time. i can't give you anything. i'm great in bed. i am in excellent physical shape. i can say no. i know exactly what i want out of life. i know who my true friends are. i'm capable of having uncomplicated, purely innocent relationships with people. i keep a steady job doing something i love. i like everyone. i'm not worried about anything. i feel really safe and secure. i don't want to suck on the muzzle of a loaded .32. i love my life. i'm capable of being grateful. you're so awesome. i'm so awesome. i'm so sincere.

2:43 pm - November 19, 2003


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